Teresa is Excited About Her Bright Future

Teresa A.Witnessing Teresa as she confidently makes her way around her community, you might not suspect she has vision loss. Diagnosed with amblyopia at the age of three, she has always had poor sight in her right eye.  Over the past seven years, further complications affected both eyes, compromising her vision even further.

A practical, capable woman who spent her career as an accounting clerk, proofreader, and copy editor, Teresa thought it made good sense to investigate what Braille Institute might offer her.

She was so impressed she quickly enrolled in Daily Living Skills classes at our San Diego Center. These classes cover the basic skills people with a visual impairment need to live as independently as possible – from using adaptive technology to using a white cane.  Teresa says she found the classes “a wonderful, experience that I would highly recommend.”

Thanks to Braille Institute, Teresa is excited about her future.  “One of the things I especially like about it,” she says, “is that everybody there is helping each other.  Braille Institute is such a wonderfully supportive place.”