Celebrating 62 years of marriage this past May, Kit and Glenn Patmore have shared a lifetime of happy memories. And for nearly two decades, they have also been dedicated supporters of Braille Institute.

During their life together, Glenn worked as an instrument mechanic at an oil refinery while Kit worked as a secretary, and together they raised two children. Always handy with tools, after Glenn retired, he kept busy renovating their home. But when macular degeneration began robbing Glenn of his eyesight, it threw an unexpected wrench into his life.

“I was terribly depressed because I couldn’t see. I was very independent and not used to asking for help,” he says.

That’s when Glenn made an appointment with Braille Institute for a FREE Low Vision Consultation. During this first visit, a trained specialist worked with Glenn to find the best visual aids to help make the most of his remaining vision and helped him sign up for FREE audiobooks from Braille Institute’s Library Services.

Not surprisingly, the 95-year-old favors action and adventure stories. “I listen to the audiobooks constantly. I’d be devastated without them,” says Glenn. Kit nods. “The audiobooks saved him,” she says.

Experiencing firsthand how Braille Institute’s FREE programs and services can be so life changing, the Patmores wanted to help ensure that these would still be available for future generations. This is why, in addition to their ongoing donations, they have established a Braille Institute Charitable Gift Annuity and have included Braille Institute as a beneficiary in their estate plan.

The Patmores are an inspiring example of how including Braille Institute in your estate plan can ensure that Braille Institute’s FREE programs and services will continue to rebuild lives for years to come.