A Dynamic Duo with a Shared Passion

Esther Fairris Barbara Richley

Over 30 years ago, Barbara Richley and Esther Fairris met through an Avon sales call and have remained close friends, cohorts, and mischief-makers ever since. With lively personalities, they have shared many adventures together — cruises, night clubbing, and more. They also share major life experiences: both have retired from successful careers, both are widows, and both share a passion to support Braille Institute.

Esther and her husband, Wiley, began supporting Braille Institute more than 40 years ago because Wiley believed that losing one’s sight meant losing everything. After his death, Esther, who is an award-winning quilt maker, continued giving and is in the process of becoming a volunteer.

Barbara experienced significant vision loss due to a stroke that forced her into retirement. She soon discovered all of the wonderful FREE services that Braille Institute offered and began taking daily living skills and computer classes. She also became a Library Services Patron and a strong ambassador for Braille Institute. A born organizer, Barbara arranged several Braille Institute seminars on vision loss at her retirement community.

No matter what their initial reasons for supporting Braille Institute were, both Barbara and Esther really are the dynamic duo with a shared passion— each has designated a portion of her estate to Braille Institute — ensuring that their legacy of generosity will continue for many years to come.