Carter . . . A Real Super Hero

Carter Top Dot

Born prematurely, Carter has been legally blind since birth. This active six-year-old, however, doesn’t consider his sight loss as a disability and has not let it stop him from engaging in the same activities that sighted children his age enjoy — attending mainstream school, loving music, swimming, jumping on the trampoline, and learning to read.

With the help of FREE braille books from Braille Institute’s Top Dot™ collection, Carter has been learning to read braille at the same time as his friends are learning to read print. These books have been instrumental in his journey to literacy — something so critical to his ability to live a fulfilling and successful life.

Top Dot books are designed for children ages 4-7, the age when children are becoming more independent within the home and are beginning to interact more with people outside of their family. The stories focus on themes that are universal to this age group and come with a three-dimensional object representing characters or items found in the story.

According to Carter’s mother, Julie, “Top Dot braille books are my favorite because they’re more than just a book, and my son, Carter, really relates to them. The last book about super heroes was fantastic. It came with a cape that my son loves to wear. We often read the book together before bedtime, and he loves to feel the graphics on his own. This book has definitely boosted his confidence.”

Made possible through the generosity of the Don and Lorraine Freeberg Foundation, Top Dot books are part of Braille Institute’s Special Collection early literacy program that provides free braille books to children throughout the U.S. and Canada.