From the President

President 150

Dear Friend,

Spring is in the air, and all around me I see new growth, not only in the blooming flowers and fresh green leaves, but also in the tremendous growth of our courageous students, all of whom are blind or visually impaired. Because of our students’ heartfelt desire to live more fulfilling lives and to dream big, they are taking full advantage of the breadth of our FREE classes, learning new skills, and building up their confidence and independence.

In this issue of Scene, you’ll read about Mitch who faced his declining vision and turned his life around, and you’ll read about a mom who treasures the FREE braille books she receives for her six-year-old son, Carter, who is blind.

Braille Institute supports our students’ dreams, providing them with programs, classes, and one-on-one training in a wide variety of skills — from how to get around safely, to adaptive techniques for cooking, to arts and healthy living, to the use of technology to stay connected to the world. And remember, all of our classes and services are provided completely FREE of charge, so no one is ever turned away because of a lack of funds.

Our students have the opportunity to realize their dreams at Braille Institute because of your support. Without your generosity, we could not provide the wide variety of classes that help our students.

Thank you for helping our students achieve their dreams! We simply can’t do it without you.

Peter A. Mindnich
President, Braille Institute