Robert Barwig learned about Braille Institute’s services just when his vision was worsening due to macular degeneration. Retired after a career in real estate, he and his wife, Flora, moved to a retirement community. There, Robert attended a demonstration by a visiting Braille Institute instructor who showed how assistive devices could help with low vision. Robert quickly enrolled in a Braille Institute computer class and for Library Services, which gave him access to thousands of his favorite books in audio format.

“What impressed us both was that all of Braille Institute’s services are free,” says Flora, a self-taught artist whose paintings have been displayed at local galleries. “The programs are wonderful. They offer lots of classes, and they even gave us an audiobook player to use.”

The Barwigs wanted to express their gratitude and decided to support Braille Institute through a charitable gift annuity. “We wanted to help others with vision loss,” says Robert. “But we couldn’t just donate the funds outright, since we might need the income to live on.” With a Braille Institute Charitable Gift Annuity, however, Robert and Flora are receiving guaranteed income for life in exchange for their gift.

“It was a win-win situation,” says Flora. “It allowed us to make a gift to Braille, and also benefit ourselves.”

For more information on how a Braille Institute Charitable Gift Annuity can benefit you, call our Department of Philanthropy at 1-800-BRAILLE (272-4553), Ext. 1256.