Peter MindnichDear Friend,

As the warm winds of late summer settle in, I find my time with students, volunteers, and donors is peppered with story highlights of family barbecues, vacations, and outdoor fun.

In each conversation, I hear stories of hope, new skills learned — thanks to our FREE programs — and new strides made thanks to the dedication of countless volunteers that make up the heart of Braille Institute.

In this issue of Scene, we are reminded of people like Michael J. Herman who overcame physical and cognitive difficulties as a child and today celebrates achievements once considered unimaginable. His positive outlook now shines on others around the world and thanks to his recent successes, he and his wife have opted to support Braille Institute through a heartfelt bequest. We also get a glimpse into Joseph N.’s story and are reminded of the real struggles people experience as they progress on their journey to living well with vision loss.

With each unique story, I take pause to recognize people like you and Phyllis W. who make meaningful transformations possible for our students. We truly appreciate the time and financial support you give to Braille Institute to ensure that tomorrow brings with it winds of positive change in the lives of our students as they learn to live well with low vision and blindness.


Peter A. Mindnich