Armen Nalbandian

Born in Baghdad 74 years ago, Armenuhi (Armen) Nalbandian came to the U.S. in 1978. She and her late husband worked hard to support their three children, with impressive results: Her son is a doctor, one daughter has an MBA, and the other manages a school district. She has also been blessed with six wonderful grandchildren.

When Armen was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, and as her vision gradually worsened, she was forced to retire from her rewarding job as a social worker for Los Angeles County.

About that time her doctor recommended Braille Institute. From Armen’s first visit, she says, “they were so understanding, helpful, and encouraging.” Armen has since taken various classes from adaptive living skills to exercise to computer training. Last spring, she began learning braille. “I just finished Book One, Uncontracted Braille,” she proudly adds.

When Armen recently reviewed the living trust she formed following her husband’s death, she decided to help provide future generations with the same life-changing help she received by including Braille Institute in her estate plan.

Asked to elaborate on the reason for her gift, Armen pauses a moment before speaking with quiet emotion. “Braille Institute opens a door in front of you to live a better life. Why would anyone facing blindness stay at home and cry, when they can go to Braille Institute and make friends?”