Free Services For The Blind And Visually Impaired

Braille Institute offers a wide array of programs and services that are designed to help people who are blind or visually impaired lead enriched and fulfilling lives.

Funded entirely by private donations, all Braille Institute services are completely free of charge.

We offer remote service options, as well as by-phone, and in-person classes and services. Appointments and/or student registration is required to visit a center. Center libraries and the Los Angeles Vistas Store are open to walk-ins during business hours.

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Our library offers more than 1.4 million books on audio, in braille, and in large-print format, for those who are visually impaired or physically disabled. Our technology centers can help you learn about the latest in mainstream and accessible technology.

“I want to tell people how empowering it feels for me to come here and be taught everything I need to know to be independent and have a fulfilling life.”


Free Services for Adults

We offer a broad range of educational, social and recreational classes for adults, all focused on teaching adults how to live well with low vision. Braille Institute provides services for visually impaired or blind adults through any of our seven regional centers, in addition to providing services for the blind through community programs throughout Southern California. Learn more about our programs and services for adults.

Free Services for Youth

Braille Institute offers programs for blind and visually impaired youth, both nationally and here in Southern California.

Services for visually impaired youth include the Braille Challenge, which is an academic competition designed to motivate braille literacy in blind and visually impaired students. We have also developed Cane Quest, a challenging orientation and mobility contest for students in grades 3-12 that has several regional Cane Quest events across the country that your child can compete in! Additional youth services include free braille books and storybook kits, our child development program, Braille Institute’s Youth Program, and our Summer Reading program. Visit our Youth Services page for more information.

Special Programs

The Braille Challenge is a literacy competition for the best and brightest visually impaired students in the country, and Special Collection, a program that delivers free books to blind youth have a national reach. New programs like Cane Quest are quickly growing.

All of these services are offered free of charge thanks to the support of our donors.