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A Braille Institute Connection Pointe Instructor and student with a smart phone and tablet. With text: 'January is Technology Month'.

Technology for Vision Impaired: Who Are The Most-Popular, Blind YouTube Content Creators?

Those who are blind and visually impaired have taken to YouTube and created their own channels and videos which have been viewed by millions. The open access aspect of YouTube has broken down barriers and walls that have allowed those who are visually impaired to create their own content and find their own audiences.

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Braille Institute Students Create their own YouTube Channels and Blogs including Focus on Technology for Vision Impaired

At Braille Institute, we’re lucky to have some brilliant and tech savvy content creators who are visually impaired and who share their expertise and experiences online. Many of them focus on technology but some also focus on cooking and sharing what it is like to live with vision impairment.

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Braille Institute Student: Nimfa’s technology journey from flip phone to newest iPhone

Nimfa’s story is perfect for Technology Month, which we celebrate each January at Braille Institute, and she is just one of the thousands of people who are blind and visually impaired, who we have helped maximize their independence through technology for visually impaired education over the past more than 100 years.

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January is Technology Month: Life-Hack Videos

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