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We can’t cut funding during this crisis.

Protect Resources for Californians with Blindness and Visual Impairment

Every year, nearly 40,000 Californians with blindness, low vision, or other physical disabilities depend on Braille Institute for a comprehensive range of services to live full, productive and independent lives. And now, with measures going into effect to protect against COVID-19, people living with blindness and vision loss are at greater risk of experiencing even more social isolation. Our library service is a lifeline for them to stay connected to the world.

We rely on funding from the California State Legislature to provide these services free to our patrons and students. And this year, we need your help to secure that funding.

From over 300 educational and enrichment classes that build confidence and self-sufficiency, to our award-winning library that circulates nearly a million books in accessible formats, to providing one-on-one instruction on how to get around safely using a cane, Braille Institute transforms the lives of adults and children across the state. Right now, legislators in Sacramento are determining whether or not to fund the programs our community relies on every day.

At Braille Institute, no one is turned away due to an inability to pay. Let’s keep it that way.

Sign our petition to the California State Legislature and urge them to support library funding for Californians who are blind or visually impaired.

“At 93 years old, I don’t leave the house often. One of the most important parts of my day is receiving my audiobooks in the mail and listening to them. It brings me great joy. Without it, I can’t imagine what I’d do.”

– Joe Shipp, Santa Barbara Low Vision Client and Library Patron

“I want to share how much joy, opportunity, and value the talking books provided by Braille Institute have added to my life. With my declining vision, many of my experiences have been difficult. But the talking books finally gave me something new and positive to look forward to. I am very grateful!”

– Jim Estes, Library Patron

“When I speak to friends about the Braille Institute, I tell them that it is my life. I don’t think I would have made it to 100 years old if it weren’t for the library books that I receive from Braille Institute. I really can’t say enough about the library and the wonderful people that work there. I tell it to everyone I talk to.”

– Sylvia Sheppard, Library Patron

Tell the California State Legislature to support funding for people like Joe, Jim, and Sylvia. Sign our petition today.